Booze Facts...Drink em Up!

Want to impress your friends at your next happy hour meet up? Wow them with these fun facts about alcohol.

  • Red wine makes you the sleepiest of the most common alcoholic drinks - According to a study of 29,000 people and how they felt after drinking wine, liquor, beer, and cider. The study also found that liquor makes drinkers feel the most ill, which doesn’t surprise anyone.
  • Fried Beer won the Most Creative category at the 2010 Texas State Fair - The dish was ravioli filled with beer and “fried to crispy perfection,” but who likes warm beer?
  • Whiskey is actually clear and only turns brown after being barreled - The liquor gets 100% of its color from the oak it’s aged in, so that’s why most whiskeys are brown.
  • President John Adams lived to be 90 and drank about a pint of cider each and every morning - “I continue my practice of drinking a Jill of Cyder in the morning and find no ill but some good effect,” he wrote in his diary.
  • The most widely consumed liquor in the world is Baijiu from China - This white grain alcohol is the go-to drink in China and it clocks in at 50% to 55% alcohol by volume.
  • In Europe, many McDonald’s locations sell alcohol - Like in Malta, you can get Cisk Lagers to go with your burger and fries.
  • During Prohibition, doctors prescribed “medical beer” - Plenty of patients were prescribed booze to cure illnesses including cancer, depression and indigestion.

Source: Buzzfeed