Holy Beer!

Some folks like to go to church on Sundays and others prefer relaxing with a beer at a local brewery, and a church in California lets their congregation have it both ways. The Greater Purpose Community Church in Santa Cruz recently sold their building and are holding services in a food lounge with taps, so parishioners can sip a beer as they listen to the lesson.

“There’s nothing in the Bible that says you can’t drink in a responsible manner,” Pastor Chris VanHall explains. Church members have a beer or two on Sunday and he says, “As a matter of fact, if they have two, my sermons always sound better.”

Their current home is a temporary location, while Pastor Chris converts a downtown bookstore into a brewery, where they’ll hold Sunday services before opening to the public. According to Greater Purpose Brewing Company's website, 30 to 60% of the brewery's profits will go to charities including Planned Parenthood and the Homeless Garden Project. Seems like Pastor Chris is on to something and he’ll probably get a lot more people in the pews by serving beer at church.

Source: Extra Crispy

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