Man Builds “World’s Slowest Porsche” With Duct Tape

Everyone dreams of owning a luxury car, but not everyone has the dough. One Austrian artist got creative, finding a way to build his dream car without breaking the bank.

Hannes Langeder has built himself a life-size gold Porsche 911… made of cardboard, duct tape, plastic tubing and a layer of gold foil, that is. He calls it the “Ferdinand GT3 RS,” and it’s even drivable with a seated quadricycle built inside the cardboard frame. Cruising as fast as he can pedal, it’s been dubbed the “world’s slowest Porsche.”

It’s a pretty impressive home project, complete with working lights and air vents. It isn’t his only model car, either. Langeder also built a Ferrari that’s similarly named the “slowest car on the road.” There’s no doubt that it’s more eco-friendly than any hybrid or electric car could be!

Source: The Sun

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