Another Town Names Bigfoot Their Official Animal

I previously reported that a small town in New York named Bigfoot their official animal. Almost a month later, yet another town has done the same thing, this time in North Carolina.

The tiny town of Marion, with a population just inching over 7,800, has taken in Sasquatch as their official mascot… because they are really into Bigfoot. Not only is Marion the home of the Facebook research group “BIGFOOT 911,” but they’ll be honoring their new official animal during their upcoming Bigfoot festival, which apparently aims to “prove” his existence, on September 8th.

The town’s Mayor Stephen Little has admittedly never seen the creature, like most people. But that doesn’t stop him or Town Manager Bob Boyette from supporting the town’s choice of mascot. “Well, we thought the idea was different,” Boyette says. “Who is to say what’s out there? Nobody knows for sure and there are some people who are convinced it’s real.”

Source: NY Post

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