Reddit Says Men Should Make Sure to Clean These Areas

There are few barometers for honesty as effective as the Internet. If you ever want to know how someone truly feels about something deeply personal, all you have to do is ask, and slew of anonymous reality-checkers will slam you down to reality. Such was the case when Reddit users were asked about common hygiene mistakes and what could be done about them.

  • Wash Your Ass – The solution to this one’s fairly self-explanatory.
  • Deodorant Skipping – Just because it SAYS “48-hour protection” doesn’t mean it actually is.
  • Tongue – Brush your tongue, too – it helps with the breath.
  • Earwax – Take care of around and behind the ears, too. That build-up can be nasty business.
  • Towels – If you can smell that nasty towel after a shower, then get a new one because that smell could be rubbing off onto you.
  • Hands – Even if you think your hands aren’t dirty, they are. Wash those suckers.
  • Hair – You don’t have to wash it every day…but more than once a week would be nice.
  • Crotch Wash – That special lady in your life can tell when you didn’t. Don’t put her in the position to have to tell you there’s a problem.
  • Floss First – Then you can brush away all that gunk.
  • Moisturize – You’re dry and flakey skin will appreciate it, and you’ll look younger when you’re older.
  • Nose and Ear Hair – Don’t be getting all Rapunzel up in there.

Source: Reddit