“Weed Breathalyzer” Being Tested

There’s a new device hitting the scene, which claims to tell if someone’s toked-up on the weed within the last two hours. Hound Labs says that their device is a combination weed and alcohol breathalyzer that can “accurately determine if someone is currently driving under the influence.” It works just like a traditional breathalyzer, but it registers the level of THC – which are strongest one or two hours after taking a hit…although there are still no “legal limits” that’ve been established for pot use like the .08 blood-alcohol-level.

The company’s co-founder? E-R doc Dr. Mike Lynn. “It was clear that we needed a way to solve the problem of identifying people who are potentially impaired,” he says. “And then leave everyone else alone.” That’s actually a good thing if it’s a way to keep people who aren’t partaking from been harassed or put into a “guilt by association” situation.

Results from a recent study in Colorado – where recreational pot is legal – found that 69% of weed users in the state had driven while they were high in the last year. More amazingly, 27% of weed users said the drive while high every single freaking day. Just because it may be legal in your state doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful out there, people. Watch yourselves, because “undisclosed” police departments are testing this sucker out now!

Source: Men’s Health

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