Model Selling Her Virginity Wants To Make Mom Proud

Mahbuba Mammadzada is a Turkey-based model in high demand. Not only has she walked the same catwalk as Paris Hilton, but she’s currently auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder. According to her, it’s to make her mom proud.

Say what? Mahbuba wants to use the money to buy her mom a house… not to mention pay for her own studies abroad. She registered with the agency Cinderella Escorts, an agency specializing in mediating between wealthy clients and women cashing in on their virginity. Yes, there’s a market for that.

She’s hoping her virginity will see her at least $115,000 to pay for the house and her international university degree… and also her travels around the world. She’s not playing around either, she even has a medical note confirming she’s a virgin.

Source: Mirror

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