Introducing The Meat Vending Machine

There are few things on the planet that are more convenient than vending machines. It’s all at your fingertips for a nominal fee whether it’s a cool beverage, a tasty snack, a lunchtime sandwich…or – if you’re in Japan – socks, umbrellas, panties, and even puppies (yes, really).

When it comes to vending machines, Applestone Meat Company’s seen the future. The New York-based meat company already has four meat vending machines set up in their Stone Ridge location near Woodstock. Within those machines, customers can pick up all the protein they want, including beef, pork, lamb, ground meats and sausage. Demand through the machines is so high, that he’s forced to constantly re-stock the things to keep them full – which is a good thing because that means the mean inside isn’t getting all rancid.

The growth has been so impressive for them that they’re planning 10 machines in Scarsdale in early 2019, and later in the year they’ll be set up with machines in Manhattan. It’s all about accessibility for them, and with everyone leading a chaotic and hectic life, it’s proving to be easier than catching the butcher before they close or getting the nasty leftovers at the local grocery. Just whip out the card, and plunk down $21.99, and – bam! – you’ve got a fistful of bone-in ribeye.

Source: Bloomberg

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