What Your First-Date Drink Order Says About You

First dates are always an interesting proposition. They’re the first step in getting to know the woman you are thinking about being for the night, the weekend, a friendship, or a lifetime. If you’re paying attention, however, you can an find out a wealth of information before the first supposed meaningful thought comes out of your mouth.

The first drink order can be a window to the soul. Here’s what we mean:

  • Beer – It’s a solid choice and shows the world that at your core you’re a chill person. There’s no pressure or expectations on this date and have a generally laid-back view of the world and your experience in it.
  • Wine – This one shows the presence of sophistication. You’re nosey about everyone else’s business and are a “call it like it is” type of person. These people want to find out everything about you on the first shot.
  • Rum Drinks – You mysterious and captivating devil, you. You’re the life of the party and fun to be around – especially for an adventure. You live life with no regrets.
  • Prosecco – Here we’ve got the shy wallflower. Underneath that shyness, however, is a deep person who’s interesting and composed. Press the conversation, and you might find someone quite special.
  • Tequila Drink – This person’s always “in the moment” and takes life head-on as it comes. No shyness or nervousness here…but the other person definitely needs to be able to keep up and hang on.
  • Vodka Drink – Digs the limelight and being the center of the world. This one’s going to be the chatty one and loves the thrill of that first meeting. They love chatting about themselves, too…so be prepared.

Though not listed here, if they’re first drink is something like Jägermeister…run.

Source: NY Post

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