Mystery Solved: Why Condoms Break

You’re all ready for the get down…you whip out (and on) the condom…things are going along swell….then snap. The baby-stopper breaks. Guess what – it might totally be your fault. And not because you’re just so large. If you’re one of those guys who always feels the need to carry a spare rubber in your wallet or pocket, you could be doing yourself a major disservice.

According to FPA, a charity that specializes in sexual health, carrying around a prophylactic like that is an amateur move. Things like heat, moisture, friction, and light affect the condom’s ability to properly do what it does best. When it comes to wallets and pockets, it can get warm in there. That added temperature factor can weaken the latex and make it easier for your little swimmers to get loose.

Then, there’s the added dangers that lurk in your pockets. Whether it’s something obvious like your keys, or something more innocent like the corners of a credit card or strategically positioned bits of change, holes can get poked in them without you even noticing.

Those damaged condoms then are not only ripe for baby-making, but also, won’t prevent you from contracting any funk that may be brewing down below.

Source: Catch News

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