America’s Top Five Kinks

When it comes to getting touch with that makes us tick in the bedroom, we American’s have made great strides. Don’t forget though, it was only in 2003 when the last of the anti-butt-love laws got struck down – making way for lube and pillow-biting for all. Social psychologist and sex researcher Justin Lehmiller makes a career out of looking into what makes us tick on a national level, and he’s come up with a list of the top five kinks American’s have, as a whole.

First off, a “kink” is defined as something that falls outside “the realm of culturally sanctioned norms.” Given our historically puritanical vibe, that we be anything outside of the basic missionary-positioned/married/baby-making thing we’ve all been taught is the correct way to bump uglies. With that in mind, here’s what’s really going on in that collective head of ours:

  • Group Sex – We may not all be doing it, but we’re sure thinking about it. Threesomes, orgies, and gangbangs are far, and away, the number one fantasies American’s are digging into.
  • BDSM – It makes sense, considering how many copies of “Fifty Shades” sold. Percentage-wise, submission was more popular than domination.
  • Novelty/Adventure – Broadly, this can be defined as whatever you haven’t done before, whether it’s in-public, with a toy or food, the mile-high club, and so on.
  • Taboo Sex – Take the novelty and kick it up to the next level. We’re talking being watched, using a specific piece of clothing or body part (we’re talking to you foot-fetishists), using toys for a role-reversal thing, and the like.
  • Partner Sharing/Non-Monogamy – Where you’re not into the group thing, you just wanna borrow your friend’s significant other for a while…or have an “open” thing going.

Source: Vice

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