Most Americans Sleep In The Nude

While some people may love to sleep in a cute nightie, or even an oversized T-shirt, it seems more and more people, particularly Millennials, prefer to sleep in nothing at all.

A new survey finds that overall, 58% of Americans say they like to sleep in the nude, with that number going up to 69% for Millennials, while only 39% of Baby Boomers like to sleep in the buff. As you probably guessed, more men tend to sleep naked than women, although over half of women polled skip the nighties at bedtime. 

As for why people prefer to sleep in the nude, 70% say it’s because it’s more comfortable, while 58% find it relaxing, 54% say it improves their sleep, and 15% say they like to do it to keep their naughty bits “free and happy.”

And sleeping naked may be good for your love life. The poll finds that 72% of those who sleep in the nude are in a relationship, with more than half of those who sleep naked saying their partner does as well. What’s more, nude sleepers report they have more sex than those who sleep in clothes.

Source: USA Today and here: 

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