2018's Ten Happiest States in America

Wallet Hub just released its annual list of the happiest states in America.  And three new states made the top ten this year.

They look at a bunch of different factors, like mental health stats, how much sleep people get, how safe each state is, and how many hours people work. 

North Dakota, Idaho, and Maryland broke into the top ten this year.  Wisconsin, New Jersey, and New Hampshire fell out of the top ten.  And for some reason, New Hampshire dropped from 10th all the way into 24th place. 

The ten happiest states in 2018 are Hawaii . . . Utah . . . Minnesota . . . North Dakota . . . California . . . Idaho . . . Maryland . . . Iowa . . . South Dakota . . . and Nebraska. Texas hits at #22...

The ten LEAST happy states are basically the same as last year.  West Virginia tops the list again, followed by Arkansas . . . Louisiana . . . Alaska . . . Oklahoma . . . Alabama . . . Kentucky . . . Mississippi . . . Missouri . . . and New Mexico. 

Vermont is the safest state.  Utah has the lowest divorce rate, highest volunteer rate, AND shortest workdays.  New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii are the least depressed.  People in South Dakota get the most sleep.  People in Colorado get the most exercise. 

And North Dakota had the highest income growth AND lowest long-term unemployment over the past year. 

 (Wallet Hub)

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