Live Longer and Stay Healthier By . . .

I've got a great new way for you to live a LONGER, HEALTHIER life.  The only downside is . . . you literally have to become a vampire. 

According to a new study out of University College London, you might be able to live a longer life and avoid diseases that come with old age, including cancer and heart disease, by DRINKING young people's BLOOD. 

And yes, this is real . . . well, at least in theory.  The researchers found that when people over 35 were injected with plasma from teenagers' blood, there was a real improvement in their biomarkers for diseases. 

And in animal tests, older animals' brains got sharper when they were injected with younger blood. 

BUT . . . before you run out and start chompin' on necks, it's worth noting that the people behind the study didn't have people DRINK blood.  That COULD be how we get it into ourselves one day, but for now, a lot more research is needed.  

(New York Post / Nature)

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