A Maine Lobster Eatery Is Getting Lobsters High... And Then Cooking Them

Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound is a busy place and owner Charlotte tries to make the customer experience … and that of the main food she serves… as pleasant as possible. That’s why she’s been testing different ways to help lobsters meet their end in a more humane way.

Their first attempt was with lobster “Roscoe.” He was placed in a few inches of water and pot infused smoke was blown through the water. He was one chill crustacean after that experiment. So much so, his claws were unbanded! Charlotte released his as a thank you.

The THC dissipates at high temps, so there’s no trace left when served. Currently, the eatery is doing this treatment by request, but they hope to make it a normal process. 

Source: Fox News

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