Who Gets Turned-On By Farts, And Other Flatulent Facts

They say that love is the international language. While it may be powerful, the power of the fart’s something that’s much stronger. That’s why the team over at Senior Living got together to research one the things that we all do…even though some don’t admit it. Here’s what they discovered after talking with 1,000 adults about passing gas:

  • On the average, men wait 6 ½ months before ripping one in the presence of their significant other.
  • Women, on the other hand, wait more than double that time – until around 1.3 years – and, even then, will still blame it on something else.
  • There’s a small batch of sick and kinky bastards out there that actually get turned-on by their partners bodily functions – 11% of men and 3% of women.
  • Yikes: 28% of guys admit to “guessing wrong” when farting in bed – leading to a necessary sheet-change.
  • Guys use a variety of methods to disguise the stink:
    • Hold it in (75%)
    • Go to another room (58%)
    • Go outside (54%)
    • Make noise to hide the sound (25%)

Another source of relationship stress comes from that inevitable first dump in his or her place. The men wait 4 ½ months before dropping the kids off at the pool at her place. The ladies wait 9.4 months. From there…it’s true love.

Source: Senior Living

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