Best Pizza Chains In The Country, Ranked

Pizza is one of those foods that most people like and everyone has their favorite go-to spot to get it. And while you can find pies topped with curry and made with cauliflower crusts, the classic sauced-up dough pizzas you get at popular chains are the top choices. But which chain is best? The foodies at FoodBeast did the research for us, considering chains with more than 20 locations and judging on national impact, popularity, size, quality, and unique contributions they made “that change the way we eat pizza.” And when it was all said and done, they found these to be the top 10 pizza chains in the country.

10) Papa Murphy’s - The “take-and-bake” kings bridge the gap between frozen grocery store pizza and Domino’s.

9) Cici's - This is the OG pizza buffet gets points for creative new pies, like their mac and cheese topped one.

8) Sbarro - There was a time they were in practically all the mall and airport food courts and while malls aren’t the bustling shopping centers they once were, Sbarro still brings in $609-million in revenue a year, so they get a spot in the top 10.

7) Round Table Pizza - Popular on the West Coast, this pizza parlor is known for higher quality and unique flavors with their pies.

6) Costco - So it’s not a pizza chain in the traditional sense, but people still flood the food court to get a slice of their pies.

5) Blaze Pizza - You might not have heard of them yet, but Blake’s is the fastest growing pizza chain in the country, so you will soon. They’ve got a Chipotle-like concept, so you get a customizable, build-your-own personal pizza and locations are spreading across the country quickly.

4) California Pizza Kitchen - The creators of BBQ Chicken Pizza earn a spot on this list and pizza fans everywhere thank you for that idea, CPK.

3) Little Caesars - You had to know the place that makes $5 pizzas would be in the top. And now that they’re adding automation to the process, people will love Little Caesars even more.

2) Pizza Hut - The new home of the NFL’s official pizza offers deals all the time, has trendy ad campaigns, and makes a decent pie.

1) Domino's - They’re the top pizza chain in both size and popularity, thanks to their specials, quality pies, and delivery at all kinds of parks and public places. So that makes Domino’s the winner as the top American pizza chain.

Source: FoodBeast

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