The 10 Best American Cities For Drinking

Every city has a few good bars, but few cities were actually MADE for drinking. Those drinking destinations are in a league all by themselves and deserve recognition as such. Beer, liquor, and cocktail experts pounded their hungover heads together, and came up with a list of the ten best American cities for partaking in alcohol. For those who didn’t make the list, now you know what to aspire to. Here we go!

10 Las Vegas – It’s a bit shocking to see this city in the ten-spot with all it has

going on…but it makes sense with all that can distract you from the booze.

9 Austin – BBQ and live music just go better with a good bar with good beer to enjoy it in. This place has them in spades.

8 Pittsburgh – You might not know it, but this city’s bar scene is thriving, and the beer gods are smiling as a result.

7 Portland – Some of the best beer bars and breweries you’ll find anywhere in, or out of, the United States.

6 Milwaukee – There’s a whole lot more here than just cheap beer…this city has mastered the “art of the cocktail.” Need proof? Bryant’s.

5 San Diego – The “Portland” of the South West – from a beer town standpoint.

4 Chicago – If you can’t have a good time here, then it’s probably best to stop trying. It’s come a long way since Goose Island was the only game in town.

3 New York – Here, you have it all…and its number THREE.

2 New Orleans – There’s just something magical about a gigantic craft cocktail and a po’ boy sandwich….and then another…and then another.

1 Nashville – More quality live music than you can handle, and the well-lit, professional, and lively bar expertise to back it up. If you’ve never been…you need to.

Source: Thrillist

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