There are few people in this life that truly qualify as a “bad ass.”

Let’s be clear – there are few people in this life that truly qualify as a “bad ass.” A Navy SEAL is one of those people. That includes their post-military life…and now, a few SEAL Veterans are putting their money – and physical well being – to the test to see to it that their fellow SEAL Veterans are being taken care of.

All the “fun” happens on October 25th – that’s when something known as The Specter Series takes place. What’s that? SEAL Vets Jonny Wilson and Bob Moeller join forces with one active duty SEAL, who’s simply being called “SEAL X, to take on a 103-mile challenge that begins with jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. After landing in the Pacific Ocean, they’ll embark on a 3-mile swim to land. From there, the trio will suit up with “operational combat gear” and go on a leisurely 100-mile run through San Diego. In all, the challenge is expected to take somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 hours.

Here’s the part when most would ask: WHY!? Wilson and Moeller are deeply involved in the SEAL Future Fund (SFF) – an organization dedicated to “helping former SEALs in their civilian professional lives.” They also hope to raise tons of cash to help Veterans with traumatic brain injuries. You can find out more about the event and help out by CLICKING HERE. Here’s to saluting those who sacrificed more than many of us ever will!

Source: Whoop

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