Good trip or bad – they’re here to help

If you planned on getting on an airplane, you wouldn’t feel very safe with out a trained flight staff on-board to assist in the event of an emergency, right? So, then it makes sense to have that kind of peace of mind on anykind of trip you take. Even the hallucinogenic kind.

That’s where two girls from California come into the picture. For anonymity purposes, we’ll call them “Grace” and “P.J.” …and for a grand (which is negotiable) they’ll work as a “sitter” for you as you take your self-medicated journey through the mysteries of LSD, MDMA, or magic mushrooms. Keep in mind, they’re not going to GIVE you the drugs – they’re just going to sit with you and make sure you have the safest and most pleasant “journey” possible.

For that fee, the ladies will check to make sure you’re still breathing, do a pre-trip consultation, bring a carefully selected playlist to create a “ceremonial mood,” and be there for you afterwards to talk about your personal experience. Both ladies have personal experience with using the drugs, as well as the protocols used by universities when doing research on them. They do have a website, and email’s their preferred method of contact.

Check out Akasa Journeys to learn more.

Source: Akasa Journeys

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