She Drinks Her Own Urine to Survive

Claire Nelson, a freelance travel writer from New Zealand, is sharing her survival story after surviving three days on her own urine after falling down a desert canyon. She recorded videos on her phone during that time, which have now been aired on the Australian news show “Sunday Night.”

What was supposed to be a half-day, six-mile solo hike in California’s Joshua Tree National Park one day back in May soon turned into a nightmare when Nelson took a wrong turn a few hours in and fell 20 feet into the canyon. She remained for three days laying on her back injured and unable to move, eventually surviving by drinking her own urine. She did have her phone, which she used to record videos of her experience until the battery ran out – but unfortunately, she didn’t have a signal to contact anyone for help. See some of the aired footage to the right.

Finally, when Nelson thought all hope may have been lost, the friend she was house-sitting for nearby contacted authorities after becoming worried when they didn’t see any social media posts from her for the few days. That’s when she was finally rescued via helicopter. Since then, she’s been learning to walk again… and even plans to resume hiking once she can.

Source: “Sunday Night”

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