New survey reveals just how women feel about wearing a bra every day

Few women are willing to walk out the door without a bra on, but don’t mistake that for loving to wear them. In fact, a new survey reveals just how women feel about the constricting garment, and guess what? It isn't good.

A new survey, conducted in conjunction with National No Bra Day, which is tomorrow, finds most women don’t have many good things to say about their bras. In fact, when asked how they would describe their bra if it was a person, most gave negative answers.

  • Overall, only 4% said “Lover,”
  • 14% said “Friends,”
  • and 16% said “Acquaintance.”
  • Instead, 21% called their bra “An Enemy – I wish I had never met,”
  • ...while 46% called it “A Business Partner – I put up with her.”

Not surprisingly, this hate does make women want to take them off as soon as they can. When asked what they do within 30 minutes of arriving home, 52% of women said take off their bras, which is the same amount that chose kiss their husband or child. The truth is, when asked what the FIRST thing they did when they got home was, 25% said take off their bra. 

Source: Business Journals

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