Who Has The Fastest/Slowest Drive Thru's?

According to a new study, Burger King has the fastest drive-thru in the country and McDonald's has the slowest. 

And I guess there are two ways of interpreting that.  One, it's GREAT for BK, and shows they're fast and efficient and hard-working.  Or two, it's TERRIBLE for BK, because it shows they're so unpopular that their drive-thru lines are never very long. 

Anyway, here are the speed rankings for the 10 major fast food chains that were included in the study: 

Burger King . . . Dunkin' Donuts . . . KFC . . . Wendy's . . . Taco Bell . . . Arby's . . . Carl's Jr. . . . Hardee's . . . Chick-fil-A . . . and McDonalds.

And overall, the average time someone waits in a drive-thru line is three minutes and 54 seconds, which is nine seconds faster than last year.  

SOURCE: (Foodbeast)

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