Wone is the exclusive line of activewear you’ve never even heard of.

Have you heard of Wone? Unless you’re the kind of person who spends $150 on a sports bra, probably not. It’s an exclusive luxury activewear brand that doesn’t advertise and won’t allow just anyone to buy their stuff. Wone only makes a limited run of each of the few products they carry, which includes $320 leggings, and gives people who’ve ordered from them before first access.

And to actually buy some athleisure from Wone, you have to apply to get access. Then if you’re lucky enough to be taken off the waitlist, you can shop, but only if everything doesn’t sell out during the pre-sale. Kristin Hildebrand, Wone’s cofounder explains that exclusivity is part of their business model that values loyal customers.

The brand used to be even more exclusive. For their first season of products last summer, Wone employees actually Googled every applicant to see if they were worthy of buying their “luxury activewear.” Their stuff may be great, but it’s still just expensive, all black workout wear. But some people love it and are willing to pay $320 for leggings and $200 for a T-shirt and they can have it, if they can get off the waitlist.

Source: Insider

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