You work hard all year long and like many of us, struggle with trying to figure out how to relax and where to go when vacation time rolls around. Well, if you’re looking for something different this year, might I interest you in a four-day weekend of sex and drugs?

Welcome to “Sex Island.” This excessively raunchy sex vacation is a four-day sex fest on a remote private island, that is being advertised as a “sex island experience.” It offers "unlimited" drug and booze-fueled orgies with prostitutes as well as two "Latina" women for every man, live sex shows, luxury yacht parties and "surprises."

Sound familiar? Last year's event caused an uproar as critics branding it "disgusting" and "creepy” and called for an investigation into claims of human trafficking. Organizers have pressed on, however – saying the event is totally legal in the unnamed country where it is held, and all of the women who participate "do it at their free will" and are above 18.

The exact location of this year’s event hasn’t been announced, but recent social media posts include the hashtags #Caribbean and #Colombia. One note? Make sure you leave the cell phones packed as picture taking is strictly prohibited. As for how deeply this’ll empty your pockets, it costs about $5-grand – and there are only 30 tickets available. See their kinda NSFW promotional video HERE.

Source: Mirror

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