Getting Laid is Heart-Healthy

There seems to be no end to the health benefits that getting laid brings to your life. It feels great (duh), it boosts the immune system, protects from a few select cancers, serves as stress relief, and rocks you to sleep faster. Now, however, there’s a biggie to add to the list, and it’s a significant counter-argument to that “headache” excuse your wife, girlfriend, or intermittent booty call might be pulling on you.

A recent study looked at 1,165 men between the ages of 40 and 70 for “an average of 16 years.” Why? Researchers wanted to understand to correlation between heart health and whatever sex they were…or weren’t…having. What they found was excellent news for your winkie.

Dudes playing slap and tickle more frequently showed a lower risk for cardiovascular disease. More specifically, those guys who were boning at least two times each week were 45% less likely to have heart problems than those who only got it once a month. This piles on to a different study that showed guys who had sex daily for two weeks had lower blood pressure than those who were celibate during the same time period.

The verdict: getting laid is good for your heart. One note? This study didn’t include data for those who are relegated to the five-knuckle shuffle – so that might not be as beneficial to your heart – but one of your forearms might be just stunning.

Source: Lehmiller

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