Move Over Flat-Earthers…Now We Have DONUT Earthers

Many centuries ago, man believed that the Earth was flat. Over time…scientific minds took over, and through astrology, space science, and other irrefutable factors, man learned to accept the reality that our planet was indeed spherical ball. Then, those who deny science decided to go all renegade and go back to the flat-Earth concept because…why the hell not.

However, even that isn’t good enough for some people. So, there’s a new concept that’s getting some attention concerning the shape of the planet we all call home. For that, we go to the Flat Earth Society message board – and that’s a lively bunch, we must tell you.

It’s there that we meet someone named Varaug. We don’t know if Varaug is a man, woman, or alien being. We do know, however, that’s he’s been pondering a new concept as to the Earth’s shape. He thinks our planet might be in the form of a “torus.” For those who aren’t familiar, that’s what use lesser-educated Earthlings would call “donut-shaped.” Varaug does concede, though, that “light is curved” so it’s “hard to tell” if his theory holds water. It’s something to think about – just for not very long.

Source: Flat Earth Society

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