Bonding over Snipping

There are very few things on this planet that guys can’t find a way to bond over. Whether it’s a bachelor party, divorce party, quitting work party, or someone just totaled his favorite car…there’s always something that can bring a guy and his bros together.

Now, that spirit of camaraderie’s taken a bold new step. Urologist Paul Turek’s even coined a catchy term for it. It’s called a “brosectomy.” In case your wondering, it’s EXACTLY what you think it is. Why go through a vasectomy alone, when you can have your boys along for the ride? The new trend is that a group of guys schedule their vasectomies one-after-the-other in the same office. Then, they spend their recovery time together in the bond of brotherhood.

“Things are better when someone’s got your back,” Dr. Turek explains. “Even when it’s something “potentially uncomfortable and anxiety-provoking.” There’s no data…yet…on how big the “brosectomy” is growing, but the concept definitely is. Every year, about 500-thousand men get a vasectomy, so this has potential to become big.

Source: The Atlantic

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