Personal Training Apps To Keep Your 2019 Resolution

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, and that’s as good a day as any to look into getting your ass back into shape in 2019. Here are some of the latest and best personal training apps to help you get back on your path to physical glory:

  • Aaptiv – Offers over “2,500 trainer-led audio workouts” that are downloadable for when you’re offline. Free to download, with a $14.99 monthly charge for “unlimited.”
  • Interval Timer – Use this one to customize your workout sets with savable templates. Free, but on iOS only.
  • Just Six Weeks – Start with a fitness test, and then give your goal (like doing x-x-number of pullups). The app will put you on a track to get your there. It’s $1.99 on Android and iOS.
  • Keelo – Over 400 high-intensity workouts to keep you moving, and it can tailor your workout to your fitness level. The app’s free on iOS, but a premium version can be purchased.
  • Pear – Uses biofeedback to adapt your workout with real-time audio coaching from Olympians and other champions. On iOS for $5.99 monthly with a free two-week trial.
  • Runtastic – The “ultimate running app” that tracks your stats and gives you real-time data and advice to improve your performance. Free on Android and iOS, with a premium pay option.
  • Trifecta – Perfect for the CrossFit crowd with 1,000 exercises. The download is free, but you can pay for the premium package.
  • 7-Minute Workout Challenge – Lays out 12 body-weight workouts that give you max work in just seven high-intensity minutes. It costs $3.99 on Android and iOS.

Source: Men’s Health