FDA Warns: Don’t Take The “Rhino” Horn

Everyone loves a big boner. So much, that sometimes, we’re willing to roll the dice with “male enhancement” products. Even the ones we find at gas stations. Look, we’ve all been there…after a night at the bar, you’re on the way home with a lady…and want to make sure all cylinders are firing, all night long. You stop at the store for some refreshments and you see a packet with the promising name: “Rhino.” You go for it. Now, the FDA is suggesting you skip it. 

Found in gas stations and convenience stores all over the country, “Platinum Rhino 25000,” “Krazzy Rhino 25000, “Gold Rhino 25000,” are just a few products that are causing big problems for some little soliders.

Turns out, ingredients found in this “unregulated” supplement are similar to those found in Viagra and Cialis, but there are serious side affects to consider. We’re talking chest pain, severe headaches, issues with blood pressure…and extended erections. Not the fun ones – we’re talking the painful, four-hour kind that only subside with a trip to the emergency room…and a needle getting inserted. Yes, ‘down there.’

Bottom line? The FDA says these things should be avoided because they’re being misrepresented – and since they don’t go through the FDA screening process, you don’t really know what’s in there or how it’ll interact with you…especially if there are meds you’re taking. One note? In addition to “Rhino,” you should be avoiding any similar items labelled as: Orgazen, Black Panther, Libigrow, Black Stallion, and Black Mamba. You’ve been warned.

Source: New York Post

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