The “Ultimate Toys For Men” Book Is Here

There’s never going to be a time when any right-thinking man’s not going to be wildly attracted to “toys.” Yeah, there are some that still collect “Star Wars” and other collectibles from their childhood. The toys we’re talking about here are James Bond caliber awesomeness, and they’ve all been compiled for you to gawk at and droll over in a photo book called “Ultimate Toys For Men.”

For $95, guys everywhere get to ogle at everything they’d own if they had unlimited resources. We’re talking high-end sports cars, Swiss watches, luxury yachts, and audio/home theater equipment that would make Tarantinojealous. Whether your thing is a McLaren 720S English Speedster, designer foosball tables, a BMW Motorrad cycle, or a barbecue grill that designed to look like a mythological’s all here for your fantasies to run wild.

If you want to take the next step, and buy some of this stuff, then that’s on you. What the hell, right? It’s only a second or third mortgage…and you only go around this life once. While you think about it, the book will just have to suffice.

Source: Maxim

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