How To Use Your Smartphone Less In 2019

There are important reasons to give this goal a try; your health, mental well being, and relationships. Did you know 41-percent of people say their significant other uses the phone too much? That could put a dent in your happiness!

Here are some steps to take so you can spend more time living and less time controlled by your device.

  • Put your phone in another room. Whether you’re with someone or watching TV, the rule of thumb is “out of sight, out of mind.”
  • Delete your social media apps.
  • Turn off your mobile internet so you are only able to check your phone when home and on Wi-Fi.
  • Set a screen curfew.
  • Have a no phone at the table rule.
  • Turn off your notifications. What you don’t know, you won’t be tempted to look at.

Source: Bustle

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