New Artificial Fingerprints Could Hack Into Your Phone

Researchers from New York University and Michigan State University have developed new artificial fingerprints that they say have the potential to be used to hack into your devices. According to the paper on their findings, the “DeepMasterPrints” they’ve generated can be used a sort of “masterkey” to unlock one-third of smartphones with fingerprint-based protection.

Many smartphone users opt for fingerprint unlocking features, even for apps with sensitive information like banking. But researchers are saying that it’s not as safe as you think, since the features only really capture and store a bunch of “partial fingerprints,” meaning a potential hacker only needs to match one of them to gain access to your device.

But in a statement, Clear, the firm behind the fingerprint recognition technologies used by Delta and Hertz, says they have “no question” that these “biometric” security features are a safer option. Other companies that utilize fingerprint security, like Apple, Google, Mastercard and Samsung, have yet to comment on the new research.

Source: CNBC

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