Super Bowl Prop Bets Are Out

Everyone’s getting primed for Super Bowl 53 (except for Saints fans and everyone who hates Tom Brady). With that in mind, it’s the time when the ridiculous Super Bowl proposition bets come out. So, bask in the glory of all the things Vegas will be taking money on (including those that have nothing to do with the Big Game).

  • Coin Toss – Heads (-103)/Tails (-103)…so you’d have to bet $103 to win $100.
  • Team Will Call Coin Toss – Heads (-2500)/Tails (+800)
  • Length Of “National Anthem” –Over 107 seconds (-115)/Under 107 seconds (-115)
  • Will Gladys Knight “Take A Knee” Or “Raise A Fist” During “National Anthem”?– Yes (+600)/No (-1000)
  • Super Bowl Neilsen Rating –Over/Under 44.5 (-115)
  • Will CBS Show A Replay Of The Missed Pass Interference Call?– Yes (-130)/No (+100)
  • Will Jim Nantz Say “Hello Friends” When The Announcers Come On The Air?– Yes (-10,000)/No (+2500)
  • Number Of Times Romo & Nantz Will Say “Gronk”?– Over/Under – 2.5
  • Total Number Of Times Donald Trump Will Tweet During The Game –Over/Under – 1
  • Will Any Halftime Performers Wear A Colin Kaepernick Jersey –Yes (+220)/No (-300)
  • Total Songs Played During Halftime Show –Over/Under – 6.5
  • Will Any Player Use A Prop During TD Celebration –Yes (+300)/No (-400)
  • Will “Gronk” Announce His Retirement DURING The Broadcast?– Yes (+600)/No (-1,000)

You can check out the complete list of bets HERE.

Source: Bet DSI

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