New Side Hustle - Donate Poop

If you're looking for a decent paying side gig that won't really require you to do anything more than what you usually do during the day, listen up. 

A new study is looking for people with some superior poop. Fecal transplants have proven to be very effective for treating all kinds of gastrointestinal disorders. Doctors say that over the last two decades, many illnesses associated with your stomach have come from not having the right kind of bacteria in your gut. 

That's why scientists behind a new study are looking for ways to identify so-called “super-donors”: people whose poop is simply superior.  Studies also have shown clinical improvement in human patients following restoration of this bacteria by transplanting stool from a healthy donor.

  • If you think that's you, log on to (no joke). If you pass the rigorous testing, you could get paid $40 per donation.   CLICK HERE  for more information.


Source: New York Post

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