What Country Drinks The Most Beer? (Hint: Not The U.S.)

The Global Beer Consumption Report has just been released by Kirin Holdings, and it shows that the Czech Republic holds the 2016 title as the per-capita beer-drinking capital of the planet. That’s not too much of a surprise, though, because they not only defended that same spot from the previous year…but the distance between first-place and second is dramatic.

The report’s numbers show that the Czechs drink close to 38-gallons of beer per person each year. Which is impressive. The second-place country is Namibia, and they’re downing 28.5-gallons per person. That’s not even close.For those keeping score at home, the United States came in 21stplace (down from 20th) while drinking just under 20-gallons per person.

Now, when it comes to total consumption, it’s a different ballgame. China reigns supreme here, downing over 11-million gallons as a country. That’s not a total shock considering they’re the country with the highest population at over 1.4-billion. The U.S. hit the 2-spot, drinking a healthy 6.4-million gallons – even though we have the third-highest population (behind India, which placed 13th).

Here are some other fun facts from the report:

  • Total beer consumption worldwide fell 0.6%, and it’s the second year in a row there was a decline.
  • Even though China was tops in total beer downed, they saw a 3.4% decrease and that’s the third year in a row there was a decrease. The UK and Russia also saw declines in the amount of beer swilled.
  • Beer consumed in the U.S. increased by 0.6%, and the boost in imported beer was significant.

Source: Kirin Holdings

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