Airbnb Could Pay You To Live Like A Local In Italy

How would you like to spend three months in Italy, and get paid to do it? Airbnb will be giving four people the chance to do just that. But that’s not all – you’ll get paid a thousand bucks apiece. In case you missed it, the “Italian Sabbatical Program,” and is designed to be a “cultural immersion experience” where the four people selected will become “temporary citizens and help revitalize the town’s historical center.”

The town we’re speaking of is Grottole, a small village about 50-miles northwest of the coast (where the “arch” in the “boot” would be). Once a bustling little place with a population of 15k, there are now only about 300 residents. On top of that? There are about 600 empty homes. Built on a mountain, and once considered primo, younger generations are ditching little towns like these in favor of more to “bigger city” opportunities.

With all that in mind, AirBnB has teamed up with the non-profit group, Wonder Grottole. Their mission? Restoring the historical center, fix up buildings that’ve been left to fall apart, and improve tourism and agriculture. And that’s where these lucky four folks come in. They (maybe you) get to become part of this cool little community, escape a more hectic and tech-controlled life. Instead, they’ll get to do things like make honey, grow veggies, make pasta by hand, and produce olive oil…all while enjoying no traffic, pollution or chaos (and chowing on fantastic food).

If you’ve got the time and could use the break from what you’ve grown to define as “civilization,” then this might be for you. You’ve got until February 17th to get your application in. Just click onto and give it a shot…and send us a postcard.

Source: Airbnb's Italian Sabbatical

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