Can Drinking Tequila Help You Lose Weight?

The American Chemical Society says agavins, those sweeteners, can help you shed pounds. This isn’t the first time tequila has been looked at as a magic bullet for weight loss, either. It’s one of the only alcohols you can drink on the keto diet and has been credited with lowering cholesterol and aiding in digestion.

Tequila is made from the agave plant and the sugars don’t digest so they don’t raise your blood sugar. Mice were tested with the agavin sugar…not tequila…and the results were successful.

Agavins might one day be used as a cane sugar replacement, but can you get a head start by doing tequila shots? Dietitician Jenny Friedman says nope. “As much as I’m sure some would love for it to be true, it’s simply unrealistic to expect that drinking any alcohol would promote weight loss.”

Source: Fox News

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