The NFL Caved and Settled with Colin Kaepernick

The NFL has settled with COLIN KAEPERNICK, over his accusation that the league colluded to keep him out. He hasn't played for two years, after he began kneeling to protest police brutality and social injustice. The terms of the settlement are confidential, but it sounds like the league coughed up a TON of money. Early reports say it's between $60 million and $80 million, while TMZ claims it's closer to $100 MILLION.

The grievance also involved ERIC REID, who has since signed with the Carolina Panthers. And just last week, he got a three-year, $22 million extension. Eric was the first player to join Colin's protest.

There are people on BOTH sides who are upset over the settlement. Some are angry that the league caved and gave in to Colin before a trial . . . while others say Colin SOLD OUT his cause by taking the money.

Officially, the NFL hasn't admitted any fault . . . but unofficially, that's basically what they're doing. The NFL is notorious for fighting tooth-and-nail in court . . . so apparently they realized Colin and Eric had a winning case.

And the TIMING seems to back that up. The NFL settled the lawsuit JUST before the pre-trial 'discovery' phase, where the players and the NFL would share info.

Settling now prevented the disclosure of a trove of emails, text messages, and deposition transcripts that have been amassed over the past year. Plus, the NFL avoids reigniting the whole controversy all over again in a trial.

In any event, does this mean our LONG, NATIONAL NIGHTMARE is finally over? Well, no. The National Anthem protest story is bound to resurface again. 

And Colin's lawyer said he "absolutely wants to play" in the NFL again, and he predicted that THREE teams could be on the verge of bringing him into the fold. He mentioned the Panthers, which would re-team Colin with Eric Reid . . . and surprisingly, President Trump's favorite team, the New England Patriots. He said, quote, "It wouldn't surprise me if [Pats owner]Bob Kraft makes a move."

That seems like a longshot, because the Patriots have Tom Brady and Brian Hoyer, a solid back-up who's friends with Brady. And Colin isn't exactly a spring chicken who they could groom to be Brady's successor. Coincidentally, Hoyer replaced Colin in San Francisco back in 2017.

The lawyer didn't actually name the third team, but he mentioned it involving a former Patriots coach, so that could be the Dolphins, the Lions, the Texans, or the Seahawks.

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