Man Fakes Abduction To Get Out Of Super Bowl Payout

Police say a man in North Tonawanda, New York faked his own abduction to get out of having to make a payout on a Super Bowl pool he ran. 

Cops discovered 60-year-old Robert Brandel inside his Ford on February 27th tied up with duct tape around his hands. He told cops he had been abducted by two men who had bet in a Super Bowl pool and then pulled a gun on him stealing $16,000 in cash that he had won from the pool. He said they then made him drive around against his will before tying him up in the car.

Police opened a robbery and abduction investigation but they soon discovered Brandel’s story was a lie. The truth was he ran a $50,000 Super Bowl pool, and hoped to take most of the winnings by filling in fake names in many of the squares. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and he made up the abduction to get him off the hook for most of the $50K payout. Source: