Las Vegas Now Has The Most Expensive Hotel In The World

Most of us are lucky if we can afford to stay in a three-star hotel on our vacation, but for those with money to burn, hotels offer plenty of luxury and over the top amenities, of course all at a cost. Well, for those who can afford it, a Las Vegas hotel now has what’s being called the world’s most expensive hotel room, and you certainly get a lot for the money.

The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has just unveiled what they are calling their Empathy Suite, which costs a whopping $100,000 a night, with a two night minimum. The suite, designed by British artist Damien Hirst, is 9,000-square feet and two stories, with two master bedrooms, each with its own massage room, and an additional salt relaxation room.

The suite also features a 13-seat curved bar, a pool that juts above the strip, a game room and a lounge and media area big enough for 52 people. As for design, the game room features two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde, and two display cases containing the skeleton of a marlin fish and a taxidermic marlin. Hirst also created six special pieces for the room, and also designed the furniture and more, including a pill cabinet incrusted in diamonds. 

And shelling out all that dough also comes with some major VIP treatment. Guests have access to 24-hour butler service and a chauffeured car at their disposal. Plus, they have VIP access to entertainment venues, they get a private behind-the-scenes art tour, and also get a $10,000 resort credit.

Source:New York Post

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