Wanna Knock Her Up? Scientists Create "Sperm Olympics”

It’s not uncommon for wannabe parents to enlist the help of a fertility clinic when nature can’t get the job done on its own. Now, a scientist thinks he’s found a way to make the treatment more effective – by making your sperm fight for it. It’s kind of like a “Sperm Olympics.”

Dr. Afrouz Ataei thinks he’s found a way to increase the odds of the sperm fertilizing the egg. His way finds the “crème de la crème” of the love cream by forcing them to “swim upstream” as it were. The ones that reach the “finish line” first are deemed the strongest, and then used for the actual in-vitro process.

The current technique involves “G-force inducing spinning steps” that might “damage the delicate DNA inside a sperm.” Ataei says his device is also easier to use and he’s hoping that his idea catches on, as he has high hopes for its future in clinical use. Now you know.

Source:LAD Bible

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