Police Confiscate Grenade Launcher At Airport

The TSA finds all sorts of crazy things in people's luggage, grenade launchers? Probably not so much. Still, that's exactly what happened Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley International Airport yesterday.

Officials found an unassembled rocket-propelled grenade launcher that they found inside a Florida man's checked luggage. Now, the lack of assembly is why the unnamed man didn't think it was a big deal. But of course, cops were called and they didn't believe that it was just a replica until they put the thing together. Once everything was cleared up, the man was allowed to finish his trip home...but without his "toy."

And by the way? Bringing a weapon or replica weapon to the airport can get you a civil penalty up to $13,000 under TSA rules. If you're ever not sure about what's safe, hit up the TSA online, CLICK HERE or call (866) 289-9673.

Source: ABC News

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