Erogenous Zones That Don't Get Enough Attention

When you hear the term “erogenous zones,” it may remind you of the days of old school pick up lines line, “What’s your sign?” But it turns out, erogenous zones are back. Everyone wants to have better sex and these areas can help us do that. We all have body parts that are more sensitive and get us excited, and popular erogenous zones, like nipples and the neck, get all the attention. But according to sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs, going beyond the basics can pay off.

“Basically, it’s all about touching areas that don’t frequently get as much love as the more popularized ones,” Dr. Stubbs explains. Not sure where to begin? She suggests these top three erogenous zones that don’t get enough attention, but should.

  • The inner wrist- With thin skin covering your inner wrist, it’s perfect for kissing and licking, according Dr. Stubbs. Sure, it’s uncommon, but try bringing on the sensations in this erogenous zone.
  • The head- Not a body part you’d expect to see on an erogenous zone list? Think about how good it feels when you’re getting your hair washed at the salon. With so many nerve endings in the skin, a slow dry massage can do the trick or a sudsy scalp scrub in the shower may be what you and your partner have been missing out on.
  • The midsection- Use a light touch, like with the tips of your fingers, to excite the side, back, and stomach areas. Dr. Stubbs points out, “Our skin is our largest sexual organ, so take advantage of all that real estate.”

Source:Well and Good

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