Survey Finds Men And Women Feel Frisky At Different Times Of Day

Couples who’ve been together for a while know that sometimes one person is in the mood and the other isn’t and that it’s totally normal. But according to a survey from sex-toy company, Lovehoney, the reason you feel out of sync sexually is because men and women simply feel turned on at different times of day.

The survey polled 2,300 adults and found that men feel friskiest in the morning and for women, it’s more often at night. Men reported they prefer to start their day off with sex between 6 and 9 am where as women said they prefer to wind down with sexy time between 11pm and 2am But the survey gets even more specific and reports men feel most turned on at 7:54 in the morning and women peak at 11:21 at night.

And while we’re not so sure about their data, since most of us aren’t so focused on the clock when the mood hits, having different schedules and preferences doesn’t mean your sex life is doomed.Dr. Allison Hill,an ob-gyn, says the female libido doesn’t have much to do with the woman’s partner, and that it’s more about how the woman feels about herself and her sexuality. So if you’re feeling confident and frisky, go for it, but there’s also no shame in asking for a raincheck if you’re just not feeling it.


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