Guy Throws Naked Mannequin Party

A California homeowner says he couldn't believe it when city officials notified him that he’d have to move or shorten his newly installed fence. However, he also thinks he knows who responsible for the city knocking on his door, to begin with.

Jason Windus had built the six-foot fence to provide more room for his two large dogs, but Santa Rosa officials said it violated city codes by blocking sight lines at a nearby intersection. So in order to comply, Windus had to lower part of the fence to 36 inches, not high enough to keep his dogs safe. Problem is he had already paid $9,000 for the fence six months ago.

Windus, who runs a moving company, had collected anatomically correct mannequins because he thought they were really cool over the years and used them to set up a nude garden party in his yard, clearly visible over the shortened fence, complete with a sign on an empty chair inviting the “nosey neighbor” whom he thinks reported his fence to the city to join in.

He says he’s had “like 50 people stop, taking pictures, telling me how great it is” since setting up the display. The neighbor, however, says he's not bothered the least bit. The party continues.

Source: CBS NEWS

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