La-Z-Boy Has Made A Couch With A Built-In McFlurry Chiller

The two iconic brands have partnered up for the ultimate sweepstakes and are looking to prove "going out is overrated." They are gifting one lucky winner a "McDelivery Couch" that is fully equipped with all your night-in necessities. And we mean everything.

It comes with light-up cupholders, adjustable seats, and a cozy branded blanket. It also includes built-in phone chargers for all food ordering purposes, La-Z-Boy's stain-resistant fabric iClean, and McFlurry Chillers. The McDelivery couch has coolers built into the center consoles that are meant to keep your McFlurry at an optimal 33 degrees. 

So how do you score this couch? Head to Twitter and share with McDonald's the menu item you'd enjoy while reclining on your new couch. Be sure to tag #McDeliverySweepstakes, @UberEats, and @McDonalds. The sweepstakes will run from today through April 8 and allows for up to one entry per person per day. 

Good Luck!

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