Charlie Sheen Is Launching a Line of Weed Vapes Called 'Sheenius'

CHARLIE SHEENis launching his own line of pot vapes called 'Sheenius,' and the strains have names like 'MaliBlu Dream' . . . 'Milli's Vanilla' . . . 'Grandma's Perfume' . . . and 'Clown Mace.' (What, no TIGER BLOOD???)

He named all of them, and there's another called 'The Legend,' which he named because "the kids" supposedly kept calling him that on "the street."

He said, "It's kinda cool, but it's a little much, you know? Legends aren't usually still alive. But I started hearing it in enough situations, and from a variety of people. And so I said, 'you know what, let's give the people what they want.'" (???)

Charlie has been sober for a year, and in case you're wondering he has NOT sampled any of this stuff. He said, quote, "I haven't smoked pot in like 10 years. It's just not my thing.

"A lot of people claim to be sober and still smoke pot and I'm not one of them." 

Sheenius will launch with six flavors on April 2nd in around 20 dispensaries. It'll be priced between $60 and $70. 

(Daily Mail)

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