A Chicken Recipe to get you Hot and Bothered

This might be the first time a video of someone cooking a chicken breast could legitimately be called NOT SAFE FOR WORK. There's a company called ChefClub that creates videos of recipes and posts them online. And their video for a chicken Cordon Bleu recipe on Facebook is going viral because . . . well, frankly, it looks like porn.

In the video, the way they prepare the chicken breasts makes them look like LADY PARTS.

First they split the chicken breasts down the center and use their fingers to open them up . . . then they stuff some ham in the slits . . . and then they pour some cream on top. So you can see how things could get X-RATED.

Anyway, the recipe is going viral, with more than 27 million views. That's around 50 times more views than their average videos get. 


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