Taking Selfies On This Thai Beach Can Get You The Death Penalty

Located near Phuket International Airport, Mai Khao beach has been a popular destination for tourists who can watch planes fly extremely low before landing on the airport's runway. Airport officials, however, have voiced concerns that taking selfies can distract pilots. In an effort to protect the pilots, they have implemented some serious penalties if you are caught. Those penalties include death. 

Authorities have discussed ways to close off the area adjacent to the runway, which has become known as "Unseen Phuket." Officials say that nobody will be allowed to enter this area to take photos. Specific details regarding the zone were not provided, but tourists and locals can still visit the rest of the beach, where picture-taking is welcome.

Though there is no concrete evidence that taking a selfie poses a direct danger to pilots, a report revealed complaints about the use of drones and laser pens on the beach. Anyone found guilty of purposely disturbing the pilots is subject to punishment under the country's Air Navigation Act. The penalty for anyone failing to comply with this regulation includes the death penalty, a life sentence, or a jail term of between five to 20 years. 

Source: People

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